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About Alexia

Alexia Muniz Catan is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor specializing in individual and parental therapy and maintains a private practice in the state of Illinois. Alexia was working for the state of Illinois in a non-profit company and with the help of her employers created a role to help fill the void in services; Sibling Support to help provide mental health therapy to siblings of the clients the non-profit served.  Over 10 years of experience providing services to people experiencing challenges with anxiety, ADHD, relationship and various interpersonal conflicts.  She saw the need early in her career that more accessible ways for counseling such as teletherapy needed to be mainstreamed.   After a couple years in the private practice field she was determined in her career to establish this service as she did with her sibling support role.  She is adaptive and resourceful in recognizing the needs of clients and is on a mission to help reach a greater base.

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Judgement-Free Therapy

Move Forward - Away From Pain

  • Why did you become a therapist?

    The human desire to strengthen connections to other individuals and the desire to want better is what I enjoy working with.  Whomever reaches out for my services it is a great opportunity to help establish missing voids in an individual and to help them through their uncomfortable times.

  • Were there mental health issues in your family?

    Family mental health issues I learned to grow up with being first generation born here, was having a grandmother diagnosed with Schizophrenia that was also treated with electroshock therapy.  I had experiences with bullying, negative self -image, anger and anxiety while growing up that I learned through therapy and studying Psychology the various ways the mind can help attack but also heal.  I wanted to continue to help share my understanding and compassion for those who are lacking it for themselves.

  • What are some of your goals in therapy?

    My first goal is to create a judgment free zone to better focus on how to help you move forward not with the pain but move away from the pain.  Life is best lived daily, and I want to make sure that you are living daily because how you feel in your day to day should matter.

    Want to know what it would look like to get started on a session today? Check out my 15 minute video interview to get a feel for what teletherapy session could feel like.

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Alexia's Education & Experience Timeline

Earned Bachelor of Arts at Roosevelt University

Interned a Nonprofit with children and adults w/ Intellectual disabilities (Clearbrook)
Graduated Master of Arts at Roosevelt University
Earned LPC
Case Manager @ Clearbrook
Earned her Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor License (LCPC)
Sibling Support Specialist for siblings and family (Clearbrook)
Clinical Therapist @ private practice (Edgewood)
Began building my own practice: Daily Living Counseling.

May 2007
Nov 2007

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