What to expect from therapy?

First time for anything is usually anxiety producing.  The first time thinking about using counseling as a solution could be riddled with thoughts of anxiety, judgment, shame, frustration or all the above.  An effective, supportive therapist will help create a judgement free zone to help get to the root of current stressors.

Will people know I am seeking therapy?

Private pay sessions are kept confidential and the only information shared will be what you as the client feel comfortable sharing outside of the session.  Clinicians will not acknowledge client relationship outside of the sessions in community or on social media.  To minimize anxiety around being seen in waiting rooms, parking lots, teletherapy is also another alternative to in office visits help get to the root of current stressors.

How much do I share?

Share what you feel comfortable.  The more transparent you are the easier the process can be and the more efficient the therapist can be at helping the root cause of the problems.

How long do I need to go to therapy?

Do you go to the doctor forever, the dentist forever, acupuncture forever? Not daily maybe but it helps to have maintenance on ones’ self in these areas.  Therapy can occur weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Usually, weekly or bi-weekly are suggested to make the most progress initially, then monthly or quarterly as progress is made.

What if I don’t like the therapist?

Can you ghost or suddenly stop seeing your therapist if you don’t like him or her?  Yes, you could, but it would help to identify the problem you have with the therapist, as it may be a good starting point of issues or challenges you may experience or encounter with other people in your life. The therapist can also give a list of other referrals, as it is their responsibility to provide you with other alternatives.

What can I expect to get out of therapy?

An individual can expect to gain a deeper self-awareness and personal growth in the face of challenges. Restoring a sense of assurance in your direction.  Expect to participate in the process that at times may feel uncomfortable but you have every right to express how the process is making you feel.

Therapy will ultimately be successful depending on the amount of effort you put in as well.  Even if you are not sure who is the right therapist; the right therapist will be able to help you devise a plan to get you headed in the right direction.

Do You Accept Insurance?

At the moment, we only except Private Pay clients.