Types of Therapy We Offer

Traditional Therapy (1-on-1)

How easily one can feel disconnected from others, like no one understands? Often this disconnect can lead us to feeling disconnected with ourselves, overwhelmed, and unable to narrate clearly what is going on. In sessions we will work on giving you a place, create a vision for what you need to work on and help you live your best life daily.

Interpersonal Therapy (Parental Conflict & Relationship/Empowerment)

For parental conflict, we will work on boundary setting, reinforcing positive behavior in yourselves and with your child. Work to empower the relationship, provide strategies and decrease frustration with your daily routines.

In interpersonal conflict, we will work on you gaining a better self awareness to identify habits that no longer serve a lifestyle you desire for yourself or for the relationship. We will work on strengthening communication skills and help decrease anxiety around conversations with you and your partner.


Reasons For Therapy

  • Anxious, trouble breathing
  • Difficulty sleeping, staying asleep
  • Feeling stuck
  • Racing thoughts
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Avoidance of people, places, topics
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Need of emotional support
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Irritable, stressed
  • Lacking motivation
  • Chronic pain
  • Intellectual disability
  • Life transitions (College, travel, marriage, Post-Partum Depression)
The Plan To Heal

Method to Treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

-Challenge unrealistic thoughts about self or life
-The ABC Model -analyze activating events, surrounding beliefs and consequences of thoughts, actions or feelings.

Solution Focused Therapy

-Challenge focus on what life would look like with removing the barriers step by step
-Constructing Compliments
-Present and future focused questions

Teletherapy: What is it?

Teletherapy is a user-friendly alternative to your standard office visits.  Virtual therapists’ appointments are scheduled just like traditional therapist office visits but are conducted in the ease and comfort of the individual’s home via computer camera or phone.  Sessions are held by therapists via the internet in a secured, confidential office.  Daily Living Counseling respects that all guests will also conduct sessions in a secured, confidential space through use of a Simple Practice secure website. There is nothing to download simply have access to app or computer and click on link sent to you by therapist.

Guests will need to supply and be able to access the internet on their own as well having a secure, confidential, location.  Confidentiality can be achieved by white noise machine, fan/heater, locked door, and consented people present only.

No sessions are recorded just as in office sessions are not recorded unless otherwise noted with clients approval.

Clients must not be in current thoughts to harm self or others.

Must be able to prove current residency in state of Illinois.

Clients must be 13 years or older if an adult will not be present therapist will have back up plans for unplanned disconnections.